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Oh! A Mystery of "Mono No Aware"

OH! cover
Price: $22.50
Author: Todd Shimoda
Illustrator: LJC Shimoda
Publisher: Chin Music Press
Published: 2009
Pages: 335 pages
Genre: Fiction

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Zack Hara is dead inside, devoid of passion, hate, one, any sustained emotion. The twenty-something technical writer trudges through each day in LA like a zombie until he leaves to travel to Japan. There, searching for an emotional life, Zack becomes entwined with a sensual but disillusioned woman, young people who form suicide clubs, and a tragic scientist-poet who introduces him to the ancient Japanese concept of "mono no aware" (the beautiful sadness of things)—all propelling him down a dangerous path.

With several original art pieces and illustrations by LJC Shimoda.